Terms Of Service

Regolithmedia Term Of services

Please read Regolith Media Web Hosting and Domain Registration Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy before you buy any of those products from us. Regolith Media Web Hosting and Domain Registration are provided for clients all around the world. We have the responsibility for both laws in countries concerned and best services available for our clients.


All data transmitted, published, and hosted in server we use must be valid and does not against Indonesia and United States law. This includes, but not limited to copyrighted / proprietary / patented material without permission, unlicensed files, and any content that we judge as a threatening, violence, hate, black campaign, harassing, obscene, or illegal. If user makes law violation, transaction buying and selling is void by law and Regolith media doesn’t have any responsibility to make refund of any transaction that void by law. Regolith media will make report to law enforcement if necessary. The examples of unacceptable content:

- Pirated Software and Digital Media

- Warez, Gambling, Hate, Threatening Site / Material

- Child Pornography

- Adult Content


Shared hosting

The only limits are space and data transfer from package you choose, outside of those we do not limit visitors that come to your site, in another words we allow unlimited hits / visitors, but in order to make all of the accounts inside server running well, there are still limitations / restrictions apply: Webhosting:

We don’t Allow:

- Sites running image hosting

- Adult Content

- Sites offering immense streaming or file hosting download

- Sites running large chat room users

- Running Streaming site

- Sites using more than 20 percent of system resources

- Sites running IRC/Bot and public proxy service

General Usage of VPS Service:

All Vps Service may have limitations on both the bandwidth and/or throughput you may use. These limitations are generally set out on your packaged. However, you may not use the Services in a way that jeopardizes our ability to provide services to other Customers or the stability of our network. Should we determine that you have used the Services in this manner, we reserve the right to limit your use of the Services to minimize these effects. Following our limitation of this use, we will notify you in writing of steps you may take to mitigate these effects. If you do not accept these steps, we reserve the right to impose permanent limitations on your use of the Services.


We don’t allow: 

- Camfrog service running in our server

- Illegal Torrent Download and Upload (seeding).

- Bitcoin and other mining activity

We do allow:

- SSH, proxy and VPN.

- Legal Torrent

- Other standard service like web hosting, database hosting, VNC, Remote desktop. etc.

Please create ticket to ask support to any other usage.

Premium SSD VPS

Maximum / Peak usage is 5Mbps per GB RAM allocated to your server for most locations and 2Mbps per GB RAM for Premium Locations. For the purposes of Example, a server with 12GB RAM allocated, is permitted a maximum of 60Mbps transit or 18TB transfer, whichever limit is reached first, or in Premium Locations,the same server is permitted 24Mbps or 12TB on the same basis.

Premium Location : Jakarta, Indonesia; Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong, China

Customer significantly or repeatedly exceeding these guidelines will have their connections to the Public Internet throttled to the guideline limit without notice, may be subject to overages if usage is quite significant and will have the option to upgrade or purchase upgrade to increase their limit.

Dedicated Server

By agreeing to these terms, you understand that we will bill you for bandwidth overages in the amount of $0.30/GB for dedicated servers. Upon request, we will provide you a login for you to track your usage. NOTE: The bandwidth period is from the 24th to the 23rd of the month.


Sending lot of unsolicited email using web hosting or domain registered through Regolith Media is strictly prohibited. Email sent to 10 people at a time that they did not ask for it to be sent can be referenced as spam. Regolith Media will take a responsibility as a jury for this decision.

If, as a result of your actions, our mail servers or IP address ranges are placed on black hole lists or other mail filtering software systems, we shall charge you $250 upfront and $120 per hour thereafter for any necessary remedial actions.


Regolith Media does not allow you to cause any harm to servers or networks we use, any activities intended to abuse will be pursued in legal action, such as, but not limited to:

- Attempt to scan or test vulnerability of a system / network / security without permission

- Monitoring network traffic without authorization

- Interference with host or network such as mail bombing, flooding, or attempts to overload a system

If, Client failing take action of abuse report within 24 hours will be charge $5 per valid abuse report.


- Shared Hosting

Although we provide remote backup via R1Soft, unexpected case like hardware failure may occur. You are agree to take full responsibility to maintain your data and files transferred and stored to the servers we use. We do not take responsibility for any data loss and damage. 

- VPS 

We don't provide backup service in vps service, but for some service like premium ssd vps you need to request backup first in order to get backup and request restore later if client want restore. unexpected case like hardware failure may occur. You are agree to take full responsibility to maintain your data and files transferred and stored to the servers we use. We do not take responsibility for any data loss and damage.


Invoice will be sent immediately after the order is made, you need to complete the payment of maximum 24 hours.


If any conditions and terms are failed to be followed, it will result suspension and termination. Normally there will be a few warnings before we consider taking it as a serious offense and terminating your account but in some serious case your service will be immediately suspend or even terminate. Also there will be no refund for termination

If, reason of termination and suspending are violating our TOS and violation law.

1. Client will not get any refund.

2. If, Client have credit in our system. All of Client credit or fund can’t be used to buy any service from US.

3. We will cooperate with police and court. IF, Client deliberate violating our TOS or LAW.


Service other than domain invoice will be sent to you invoice:

- 20 days before due date for monthly payment period

- 35 days for quarterly payment period

- 25 days for semi-annually payment period

- 40 days for annually payment period

- 45 days for biannually payment period

- 50 days for triennially payment period

We do generate invoice early to comply our other rules on cancelation policy and longer period time for customer making payment.

One reminder 1 days before due date of payment, and two times a day in the first 3 days after payment due date of payment. You will be fined 20% of your invoice 5 days after payment due date. Suspension will be taken one day after due date. Termination of the service will be taken after system sent last warning about termination services and if termination is about late payment, termination scheduler can be cancelled by making payment within 24 hours after last warning sent to customer.

For domain invoice we will sent 2 months, 1 months, 15 days, 1 week, and 1 day before due date.


We offer first 30 days of service no question asked money back guarantee for shared hosting service only. Client must request cancellation one week before first 30 days of service. Any cancellation made less than one week before due date will result no refund. First 30 days of service calculated from registration date of service to next 30 days.

Refund Policy

We don't offer refund to any of our service that has been deployed except shared hosting service. If client, make dispute we will counter with this TOS, unless you agree this TOS you can't order any of our service or making any payment.


Regolith Media respects the privacy of every person who visits our website. We will not publish data and statistics collected. All order in Regolith Media uses SSL protocol to provide secure session and prevent man in the middle attack so all of sensitive data and order will be sent directly to the server.


Regolith media not responsible in canceling any Subscriptions payment that user made in our system


Regolith media allow user send fund to our system for pay any future payment, however the fund that already deposit in our system are non-refundable and non-transferable.


1. This program only available for Premium SSD VPS lineup Commission for this program is 20% and recurring as long as your referral renew its service with us.

2. To qualify for a commission, Referred customer must sign-up using the affiliate link provided to you.

3. A referral’s account must be active for a minimum of 45 days for an affiliate to receive commission. Affiliates are paid on the 1st of each month.

4. In Holiday Saturday and Sunday, Payment will be proceeding on Working days.

5. Maximum time of payout is 72 hours since payout request made by customer.

6. Affiliates must earn a minimum affiliate account balance of $30 or more before their account is eligible for payment. Commission amounts earned for less than $30 will remain pending until the full $30 minimum balance has been earned

7. All payments are made via PayPal therefore you must have a paypal.com account in order for us to pay you commissions and bank local account for bank transfer.

8. Should the referred customer cancel his account, downgrade his account or violate Terms of Service before the 30 days period is over, the affiliate commission earned will be revoked.

9. Affiliates are responsible for any taxes, fees, exchange rates or other expenses in regard of approved Affiliate commissions.

10. Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that the payment information is accurate and up to date. The Provider is not responsible for any lost payments due to inaccurate Affiliate information.

11. Affiliates need to have one active service with us