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Amsterdam(NL), London(UK), Dallas(US), New York(US), Chicago(US), Los Angeles(US), Dublin(IE), Frankfurt(DE), Singapore(SG), Australia(AU), Hong Kong(CN), Toronto(CA), Jakarta(ID), OSLO(NO) SSD Xen/KVM VPS
Server Map SSD

USA Datacenters
  • Buffalo, New York(Central USA) located on Colocrossing USA Datacenter
  • Dallas, Texas (Central USA ) located on Colocrossing USA Datacenter
  • SCDallas, Texas (Central USA ) located on Psychz USA Datacenter
  • Los Angeles, California(West Coast ) located on Colocrossing USA Datacenter[Asia Optimized IP]
  • Chicago, Illinois (Central USA ) located on Colocrossing USA Datacenter
UK Data Center
  • Docklands, England located on Connexions4London UK datacenter
  • Maidenhead, England located on Iomart UK datacenter
Europe Data Center
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Amsterdam) located on Serverius Europe Datacenter
  • Frankfurt, Germany located on First Colo Europe Datacenter
  • Dublin, Ireland located on Digiweb Europe Datacenter
  • Oslo, Norway located on Powertech Information System Datacenter
Asia Data Center
  • Jakarta, Indonesia located on New Media Express/CBN Indonesia Asia Data Centre
  • Singapore, Singapore located on Ascenix Singapore Asia Data Centre
  • Sydney, Australia located on Equinix Australia Asia Data Centre
  • Hong Kong, China located on Equinix Hong Kong Asia Data Centre*
  • *!HK Location not suitable for Mainland China Due to country Restriction!
Canada Data Center
  • Toronto, Canada located on PriorityColo Canada Datacenter


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