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What Location That Support ipv6 on ssd vps?

1. Jakarta, Indonesia located on CBN Indonesia Data Centre[Ipv6 Support]
2. Hong Kong, China Located On Equinix Data centre
3. Singapore, Singapore Located on Ascenix Singapore Data Centre [Ipv6 Support]
4. Sydney, Australia Located on Equinix Data centre [Ipv6 Support]
5. Buffalo, New York(Central USA) located on Colocrossing Datacenter
6. Dallas, Texas (Central USA ) located on Colocrossing Datacenter
7. Los Angeles, California(West Coast ) located on Colocrossing Datacenter
8. Chicago, Illinois (Central USA ) located on Colocrossing Datacenter
9. SCDallas, Texas (Central USA ) located on Psychz Data cente[Ipv6 Support]
10. Toronto, Canada Located On Prioritycolo Data centre[Ipv6 Support]
11. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Amsterdam) located on Serverius datacenter [Ipv6 Support]
12. Docklands, England located on Connexions4London datacenter[Ipv6 Support]
13. Maidenhead, England located on Iomart datacenter [Ipv6 Support]
14. Frankfurt, Germany located on First Colo datacenter [Ipv6 Support]
15. Dublin, Ireland located on Digiweb Datacenter [Ipv6 Support]

[Ipv6 Support] = ipv6 available and rdns ipv6 ready

Update: 20/11/2015

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