8TH Anniversary Promo Discount

Dear Customer,We happy that we announce new deal for everyone:Premium SSD Vps DealGet 35% Discount 2GB plan, use "8special", Discount recurring as long as you renew for monthly payment.Order link https://www.regolithmedia.com/client/cart.php?gid=18&currency=1SSD Shared HostingGet 7% Discount 1GB plan, use "8specialHost", Discount recurring as ... Read More »

6th Dec 2018
New Service, Dedicated Server

Dear User,

We have added new service dedicated server on 12 locations, you can get more info at https//www.regolithmedia.com/dedicated-server.php


1st Dec 2018
Custom Need? Promotion? Discount?


If you have custom need, just open ticket to us and we will get you back with specification and price quoation.

We give promotion to customer who need it, just contact us maybe you will get special promo.

ps: buy in bulk and buy in longterm will make chance bigger to get promotion

1st Dec 2018
New Location, Melbourne

Dear Clients,

We have add new location to premium ssd vps lineup.

Melbourne, Australia Located on Equinix Data centre

We using latest hardware on this server, Xeon Gold, DDR4 ECC, and Raid on Enterprise-grade SSD.

You can order already on link https://www.regolithmedia.com/order-ssd-vps.php

1st Dec 2018