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Running Web Server – PHP – MySQL Easily in Your VPS

It is very easy, here is the command for El-based.

Or if you are using Debian-based

Real easy, isn’t it? You are ready to get your site up and running. Or if you want to read a little bit more detail about the installation and there is maybe tips and trick, you can continue reading this article.

1. Preliminary
2. Installing Apache
3. Installing MySQL
4. Installing PHP

People buying VPS are from various circles, some of them are newbies, and some of them are experts. For some reasons, newbies (like the author) in any purposes just don’t want to know about the complexity of configuring and installing webserver to make their website up and running. Websites in the present commonly utilize PHP for the script / programming and MySQL for database. And for the home of both softwares, they use Apache because of its htaccess compatibility required by many scripts. So what we need is Apache – PHP – MySQL, or some other called it LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack. Continue reading